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Published on: Fri, 25/02/2022 - 10:25 | | Vizualizări:

Are you a foreign citizen, do you need information and help?

The Call Center of the Bureau of Migration and Asylum will provide you with information at the phone number: 0 8000 15 27.

You will find out:

   - how you can apply for asylum at any state border crossing point in the Republic of Moldova;

   - how to obtain a residence permit in Moldova;

   - where can you stay if you do not have any relatives or sufficient financial resources;

   - what services provide the Temporary Crisis Centers for foreigners in the Republic of Moldova and what is their location;

   - what kind of support can you get from the migration officer.

You can call for free (24/24) from any mobile or fixed telephone network on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.


You can apply for asylum in written or verbal forms in front of any officer!               

The officer will guide you to fill in the asylum application form!

 You can apply even if you do not have a travel document!

No one has the right to refuse to receive the asylum application!

!!! Please keep calm, we are working to provide YOU with adequate reception conditions in our country.

Hot Line 0 8000 15 27